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There will be some free @thirduniversity workshops happening on 5th – 6th November…

18 Oct

As part of Leicester’s community media week, the third university will be running a series of workshops during ‘open media’ day at the Phoenix Square. We will be tweeting more information about this shortly – and when we’ve got more details of other workshops on other. We’d love to see you there- again, as always, the cost of the third university is exactly nothing – so even you can afford to attend the 3rd best university in Leicester. If they prove popular, we’ll run them again.

Simple Website Building using WordPress: 1 hour

We’ll show you how you can set up a website using wordpress and turn it into a space to write, to share information or to host your campaign. We’ll go through the basis of using themes, hosting video and audio and writing your first blog post. You do not need to have much technical skills, but you do need to bring your own or share a laptop (this keeps the costs down (free!))

Social Media for Campaigns: 1 hour

This session will take a look at the recent online activist campaigns, the reasons why they went viral and explore the use of Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and ipadio are a tool for inspiring action and change. Get hands-on experience and advice on how to find, build and maintain a social media community around your cause. Bring your own laptop or mobile phone for additional opportunities to create campaigns, organise supporters and to amplify your message.

Keeping safe when making media: 1 hour

If you are making citizen media on the front line, you need to keep yourself safe. There is a chance that you’ll be more visible to the police or the rioters and with a camera/mobile to your face, there is more chance of being injured. This will be an open discussion to take about the best practice and the legal rights that you need to know if you wish to make media and document dissent.

Call for workshops:

The Third University is looking for people to host short (1hr or less) workshops or discussions on the 5th or 6th of November during Leicester’s 3rd community media week (1st-7th of November) They can be about anything, really, because we just want to learn from you and to be able to share our skills with each other. We have space – we just have to transform it. If you think you are up for a bit of skillsharing (or have a suggestion about what you might want to learn) tweet us @thirduniversity, leave a comment or drop us a line:


A letter to Leicester.

4 Apr

Dear Leicester,

Whilst the government unpick the last 60 years in favour of some free market or other, the third university would like to support you and honour its commitment to a providing the city of Leicester (and those who would like to come and visit us – it’s nice) some free education.

The third university is going to do this by empowering you (yes you!) to become a teacher, an educator within its space. The third university would like to support/help/encourage you to feel confident enough to be able to pass on a skill that you possess to a group of others – opening up the opportunity to not only learn from others, but allow others to learn from you.

At the first two universities, you can do this by accrediting yourself with a qualification in this area. From the third university, you will be able to see that you do not need to be accredited, you just need to be there.

On April 11th will mark the first alternative teacher training session of the third university – come to NatterJack Bars (map) after 5pm and prepare to get prepared.

The learning outcomes are here.

We look forward to seeing you there.

Love you,

Third University