Unemployability Skills Framework: Skills for living in the end times.

18 Jul

Everything you do is about skills (apparently) – you might have some, you might have none, you might have them all and you are squirreling away for a rainy day. Skills are important – because they allow for you to put yourself into a tidy table diagram and helps you work out where it might of all went wrong. These skills, if used correctly, can keep you employable – which can keep you productive, can keep your head above the water, can keep you in the system. The nice warm system.

The third university likes skills so much that it wants to give them out in tiny little parcels to all of those who enter. The third university’s skills are not ones of employability, oh no, they are ones of unemployability – because, to be honest, can it possibly get any worse?

Developing Your UnEmployability Skills 

Survival Skills  Thinking Skills Dancing Skills Dress Sense Skills
Growing stuff

Able to learn how to grow stuff, share stuff, cook stuff and eat stuff.

Being yourself

You cannot be anyone else apart from yourself. The third university loves you just the way you are.

Shuffle Dressing for the Season

Don’t forget a coat.


Can you remember how you arranged to meet somebody before the internet? 2pm at the park, this Saturday, bring a carrot cake.


Reading stuff

Read lots, share lots and pass it on.

Wave your hands Keep your trousers on

It’s for your benefit, not for the benefit of your employer. They don’t really care.

Brewing stuff

Hops and Barley 101

Writing stuff

You don’t even need to write it for us. Do it for you.

Robot Hats are ok


 Getting from A to B

Probably quite good to learn how to read a map again.


Talking about stuff

Preferable over some cake. We love listening to people who love the stuff they do.

Nod your head
All of the above

Over and over again.

Tables can always be exhaustive so what are your top unemployability skills? Answers below…


4 Responses to “Unemployability Skills Framework: Skills for living in the end times.”

  1. dkernohan July 18, 2011 at 2:52 pm #

    Post-apocalypse I intend to spend most of my time writing the words “I fucking told you so” on walls and on what remains of the internet.

    I have significant experience in playing Fallout 3, so my collection of beer-bottle caps will be leveraged and I appreciate the benefit of periodic weapons maintenance.

    I guess we should start a radio station.

    • 3rduniversity July 18, 2011 at 3:10 pm #

      A radio station is the solution to *everything* … what would the third university airwaves sound like?

  2. Lucy RP July 18, 2011 at 10:57 pm #

    Recently I have knitted a big warm poncho, sewed and painted a cape and made a computercase from a shrunken cardi and blanket stitch. I had no training just used vague childhood memories and a second hand book on needlecraft – and my, did each creation make me happy!


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    […] announced our unemployability framework – the focus for 2011/2012 term, making sure that our members constantly make sure they are […]

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