Whilst we were listening to Sufjan Stevens…

23 Jun

We were listening to Sufjan Stevens, and in particular, reflecting on the beauty of Vesuvius and the iron cage that is a pedagogy of debt:

I am here
You are all I have
Fire of fire
I’m insecure
For it is all
Been made to plan
Though I know
I will fail
I cannot
Be made to laugh
For in life
As in death
I’d rather be burned
Than be living in debt”.

We thought it would be nice to think about debt-as-possibility or as opening, and the possibility of the revolution that might be the re-form-ation of higher education into higher learning, in the face of the shock doctrine. Can a re-form-ation be revolutionary? So we spoke about higher education and the discipline of shock. And we waited for our friends at The Really Open University and the Social Science Centre to open up cracks as alternatives because we need to know what is to be done?


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