The @thirduniversity hangs out the bunting during community media week.

4 May


This is the plan for 6th of June.

 10-1 – The Third University presents:

 3 people talking for 3 minutes on the stuff that they like and care about. 3 times. For 3 hours. With chat and coffee and cake in between. In the nice space in the Phoenix with a projector and chairs that looks into the garden bit. It is warm we will open the double doors and sit outside. Plant some flowers. Nobody else will.

Don’t be scared. Count to 360. That is all it takes. It would be great if you could come. You don’t even need to prepare. It is good  speak some times. It’s even better to listen.

 12.30-1.30 – Leicester does #media2012 showcase

 This is #media2012:

We will occupy the Phoenix Square until they ask us to go away. We have nice things from Olympics archives, the East Midlands Special Olympic Team and the Wave reporters (under 25 community news) covering the spectacle. This is a good chance to see how things might happen in 2012. You can also meet members from the 15 citizen’s eye community news agencies, join stuff, do your own thing, make the experience your own.

2-4 #media2012 steering committee. A meeting.

 6-9 The Third University presents:

 It doesn’t know yet, it hopes that people who have been glued to their desk during the day or have been enjoying a rather busy Monday, can come along later and do some nice stuff in Natterjacks. Good sandwiches and beer and a screen to display images about things you might like. Who knows? It’s nice to worry about these things.


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