Reflections from the @thirduniversity – Leicester, see you in May!

16 Apr

As the rest of the universities break for the easter break, the third university takes some time to reflect. The discussions from yesterday’s session on ‘knowledge liberation‘ touched on a number of things that we might want to consider when we reconvene in May.

There were three areas that we shared:

That we will think about a solution to connect people who wish to teach with people who would like to learn. We thought about technical solutions, but also questioned the values of a technical or digital environment. We shared examples of what worked and what might work for us. Importantly, the focus should be on content and form – which was touched upon during alternative teacher training – and there will be more sessions to build upon in the future.

The third university does not exist in isolation. There are others in other towns and cities who are working towards the alternative to commercialized education. They would like to come and visit, to learn, to share, to teach. In the same way that we can visit to support and share and learn from them.

There are also other organisations and collectives in Leicester who exist to share and support learning within the community. This is something we can be excited by – and work together in achieving. There are things to be planned and realised across May and June.

Regardless of how we do this, we will look to seek contributions and sessions (and you can email us)- and continue the mission to encourage and support the people of Leicester to learn and teach the things they care about. We will see you in two weeks. Up the third university.


2 Responses to “Reflections from the @thirduniversity – Leicester, see you in May!”

  1. andy salkeld April 16, 2011 at 2:45 pm #

    Can we consider Building Cycling Cultures Conference as a Third University supported event. …!? At £10 fee to cover lunch, films, led rides & presentations – its an affordable, accessible and ‘open for people’ learning event.

    • 3rduniversity April 16, 2011 at 2:48 pm #

      Yes! That would be lovely! Why don’t we arrange something at the start of May around a discussion about cycling and our involvement ahead of the conference. The Third University <3s bikes.

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