Lunchtime Lessons in Liberating Knowledge

13 Apr

The third university is committed to providing continued support to the people and to the visitors of the city of Leicester. It is also committed to encouraging those who have a skill or a passion or a desire to stand up and make it heard, to share it and to remind people to care. Sometimes to do this, you need to call upon the resources and the skills which is amongst us and amongst the community. We have the support of some lovely places and we have collection of individuals who are interested and keen to teach and keen to learn within its space.

We are around at all times for everyone. We can call up the support of the third university when we need it. Anyone can call up the support. It is free to use. For other reasons, we can also access other spaces which provide raw information for us to enjoy. We can do this together even when we are being told not to, that it is not allowed or it comes with a barrier or that access is not feasible. We would like to share the ways in which you can summon resources of knowledge in order to help facilitate learning. And we’d like to do that on your lunch break.

Meet at Coffee Republic, Granby St this Friday 12-1pm to help the Third University build a library. Or something.


2 Responses to “Lunchtime Lessons in Liberating Knowledge”


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