What happened then? What happens next?

29 Mar

The third university met for the first time last Thursday in the form of a teach-in around the theme of the UCU strikes. We spoke about what we wanted or what we expected from a third university and what that space might be or look like. Some things were written about it – and some wanted more. A space to meet, a space to learn from each other and a space to critique the purpose of first two.

What is the next call of action within a space like this? What would like to do? What would you like to offer? What do you need to make it happen? When would you like that to happen?

There are a number of things that we already have to make that happen. Let’s make that happen. Do you need a place or can we come to you? We have the possibility to do anything.

Let’s make the process easy, without simplifying the hell out of it – let’s act without replication. There is always an alternative. Let’s start somewhere.


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