Dissolving into something else

25 Mar

Tomorrow the Third University will walk and stand and hold hands in solidarity.

The Third University will exchange solidarity and hope.

The Third University understands what was said of the mob or the crowd in eighteenth century protest and resistance and revolution, so that like them, we can transcend violence and irrationality and pure contingency.

The Third University will seek to listen and to learn from the university of the crowd.

The Third University seeks to contribute to the generation of the General Intellect. The Third University wishes to understand the world in kind and in commons. A re-imagination against alienation.

The Third University will dissolve itself into the multitude, in order to recongeal possible alternatives.

The Third University will take a determinate role in contesting the brutalisation of the bristling state.

The Third University will seek to enjoy the common humanity and craft of the protest.

The Third University will seek out and celebrate brass bands, R’n’B, grotesques, conversation, plays-within-plays. The Third University will celebrate humanism and question anti-intellectualism.

The Third University will pay attention to the detail of the day.

The Third University will dispose of its litter.


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  1. The @thirduniversity on the @thirduniversity « The Third University - December 16, 2011

    […] First teach in – at the coffee republic in leicester on the day of the UCU strike. We were there for a few hours and we discussed what a third university might be and look like and who and what will it teach. We stuck loads of post it notes on the mirror and were donated some nice chocolate cake as well as being allowed to use the space. It’s amazing actually, there is space everywhere – you can just do stuff when you stop getting hung up on metrics and accreditations. Many people there were already teaching something to somebody somewhere. This was warming. This is the sort of stuff we spoke about. The third university dissolves into city and appears when we need it. […]

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